Important tips and helpful suggestions to make your fundraiser a success!


Follow these easy guidelines to submit artwork:
  • Use the free My Original Artwork art paper to create your art.
  • Dense color coverage reproduces best.
  • Color should fill the space up to the black border.
  • Avoid seasonal themes. Create an image that can be enjoyed year round for your fundraising merchandise.
  • Finish your art by writing your name (and the year if you like) on the artwork at least 1 inch from the edge. Use a color that will
    make your “artist’s signature” easy to read.
Do not use:
  • Staples, glitter, fluorescent or metallic products. .
  • Chalk or pastels that could become smeared.
  • Sparsely or lightly colored drawings that will not show up well.

Artwork may be rejected if the guidelines are not followed.


Art with and without background color. White background artwork placed on white products such as mugs, T-shirts and canvas bags will not look as striking as artwork with colorful backgrounds. Use dense colors in the background if you want more contrast between your art and the merchandise.

Negligible variation in color may occur between artwork and product.